Working out at home may not seem like it can be very effective if you don’t have expensive equipment.

Well, workouts for at home can get you amazing fat loss and lean muscle building results in minimum time, without any workout equipment. The only thing you need is your body weight.

Many people think the only exercises they can do at home are push-ups, sit-ups, and body weight squats. While those are definitely staples in an at home workout, it also helps to acknowledge the fact that push-ups and squats have several variations, and not to mention there are dozens of other exercises you can do at home without any equipment.

Before we get into the sample workouts for at home that only take 20 minutes each, you should know a couple important home workout principles first.

1) Make sure you revolve your workouts around big, compound exercises. These exercises will cause you to burn fat at a rapid rate and keep your metabolism jacked up for hours even after the workout has been completed.

2) To get more results in less time, use circuit training. By performing your workouts in circuit fashion, you will not only complete the workout in minimum time, but you will also put your body in the optimal position for burning body fat and building lean, sexy muscle.

If you put those two tips into practice with your at home workouts, you will definitely get amazing results that would even make the most dedicated gym rat jealous, and in only 60 minutes a week.

Workouts For At Home

Workout One:

-Squat Thrusts x 20-30

-Elevated Push-ups x 10 each side

-Inverted Row x 10

-Lateral Lunge x 10 each side

-Jumping Jacks x 50-100

Perform each exercises back-to-back for the prescribed number of repetitions. Perform that circuit as many times as possible in 20 minutes.

Workout Two:

-Squat Jumps x 10

-Door Pull-ups x as many as possible (use a chair for assistance if necessary)

-Handstand Push-up with feet on a chair or bench x 10

-Crossover Lunges x 10 each side

-Burpees x 12-15

Once again, perform each exercise back-to-back and complete as many circuits as possible in 20 minutes.

Workout Three:

-Jump Lunges x 8-12 each side

-One Arm Row with Door Frame x 10 each side

-Spiderman Push-up x 10

-Body weight Squat x 20-30

-Mountain Climbers x 15 each side

Perform the exercises back-to-back for 20 minutes.

There you have it: three incredible at home workouts that don’t require any equipment, but are sure to get you amazing fat loss and lean muscle building results.


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